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About the Library


Ramanathapuram – 623 501


The District Central Library had been started by Local Library Authority on 01.09.1956 and it has completed 54 years. The library, which functioned in different rented building, was upgraded as District central library in 1992.


TThe library, which functioned in different rented building, was upgraded as District central library in 1992. Thanks to the efforts of Chamber of Commerce, Ramanathapuram Tamil Sangam, former Collector of Ramanathapuram, Mr. Vijay Kumar I.A.S and others 40 cent of land was acquired in 2003 near D. Block bus stop and a building was constructed at the cost of 40 laksh It has been functioning in its own building sine 2004. It has 50 branch libraries, 20 rural libraries and 14 part time libraries in every year. Library tax leased by local bodies in the main source of its revenue.
Kolkata based Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library (R.R.R.L.F) foundation constantly sends books and offers financial assistance for the libraries furniture. This library is located in peaceful area of the city which is easily accessible by the People. The books are arranged in the subject wise and being maintained serially in a big hall. Computerized issue and return process facilities are available at the entrance itself. To speed up the process of issue and return of books are available throughout the working hours and the library is functioning without a lunch break. A librarian who is responsible for the whole library operation is also available in the same hall to assist the users needs and administering the library function effectively.

Periodical Section

This Section can accommodate 60 readers at a time. This section is well furnished to accommodate the users. Tamil and English daily papers and tamil and English magazines are available in this section. This section is working for twelve hours a day between 8.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. Students from nearby schools and colleges are also making use of this section.

Reference Section

The reference section is functioning at the first floor of the library building. This section has been well utilized by the members who are preparing for the competition examination, and higher studies. To avoid the non serious readers and usage to the needy the entry to the section is limited only to the members. The users can sit and prepare for their higher studies of competitive examinations. very more valuable books and costly books are available in this section. As the books are very costly and used by many these are maintained as reference books only and the members are not allowed to take the book out of this section. This section is reference books only and the members are not allowed to take the book out of this section. This section is updated with very latest books and editions for the effective use of the members, one can proudly say many technical and medical books are available here which are not even available in universities and colleges.


Any person who has attained the age of 14 and has the ability to read could be a member of the library. The members must be the resident of the city limit. To be a member of the library one should get the application from the librarian, duly signed by a gazette officer and guarantee signature either from the municipal members or a valuable person. A person has to pay Rs. 20/- as caution deposit and Rs. 10 as yearly subscription for getting membership.

Number of BooksDepositAnnual SubscriptionTotal Amount
One Rs 20 Rs 10 Rs 30
Two Rs 40 Rs 10 Rs 50
There Rs 50 Rs 10 Rs 60


The State book expert members Committees select the books every year. the selected books details are sent to District library Authority. These books are sent to the 50 branch, 20 Village libraries. The District Central library has 76205 Tamil books and 20242 English books and the total number books is 96447. The members should return the books within two weeks. Otherwise a penalty of paisa (per book ) 0.50 will be charged for the late retiring of the books.

Working Hours

Ramanathapuram District Central Library serves the public daily from 8.00 a.m. 8.00 p.m. The library is closed on Government holidays every Friday, and monthly 2-nd Saturday.

Computer Service

In this computer would, the District Central Library has been making the best use of the Computers. The information about books and members already bar coded are Scanning facility also are available. The issuing and returing of the books to the members are computerized and this results in better service to the user and minimum Staff members better and accountability etc.

Xerox Section

The need of copying some important facts, criteria books, employment news, and department exam results for the users are met by the Xerox section with nominal fee, which is well appreciated by many members.

Internet Facilities

Members can avail the facilities of using internet at a nominal charge of Rs.15/- per hour

Reader's Forum

Ramanathapuram District Central Library Celebrates annual library week. The Reader’s forum also functions well. It also implements prize scheme for encouraging students during summer holidays. and it is a computerized library. Monthly members meeting is being held. Often poets, great orators and they public are participating in these meetings.

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